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Solidarity with Refugees



Solidarity with Refugees started life as a demonstration and march of approximately 90,000 people through central London on September 12th 2015.

This march was a message from the people of the UK that we would like to welcome more refugees into our country. That we believe that the only appropriate response to the current refugee crisis is to allow many many more people to come here, be safe here and build their lives here, and to create safe and legal routes for them to achieve that.

Our 4 Principles

Following the march we wanted to make sure that this national outpouring of compassion should have more opportunities to find expression. To that end we are now working on future events and campaigns to make sure that our government understands that what we want from them is a fair and humane response to the current crisis. And that we are currently shamed by the decision to opt out of EU quotas and to have committed to welcoming only the very tiny number of 20,000 refugees over 5 years. ¬†We organised a second huge demonstration on September 2016, and more activities are planned… watch this space!

You can follow our activity on our Facebook page, and when events are ready to publicise we will let you know there, as well as on this site.

If you’re looking for ways to get involved or to make a difference to the lives of refugees, or if you have any questions about what the issues are please do get in touch. If we can’t help you ourselves we can direct you to someone who can.

Solidarity with Refugees is also very proud to be a partner of Refugee Week, which celebrates its 20th year in 2018!